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Maximum Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is highly competitive and itís very unusual to see a company pull something out of the bag as good as Duo as needed as Duo. The Uk market right at this moment in time needed something like this but who would of guest it was going to come from one of our market leaders. The rising prises with the raw material has seen our beloved protein powder go from 30 quid to 50 quid a tub within the last 3 years and not only that the government has now decided to take its cut too. Once this started to happen we have seen a massive influx of home brands popping out of nowhere claiming their product is better than any other and you can buy 5kg for £35.99 full of BCAAs if you believe that then youíre just plain dumb and shouldnít be buying protein powder anyway! Enter Reflex Instant Whey Duo a protein powder thatís high in protein low in carbohydrate and sugar itís also been run through the strictest quality control measures known to man so it will meet all its label claims. When I asked Karl Schwick from Reflex Nutrition about Duo he simply said Reflex has achieved with Duo that most in the Industry thought was impossible. He went on to say that he thought Duo had hit the market just at the right time as itís the best value for money with the best quality protein powder available.

Top man in charge of Reflex Nutrition Quality Control and research: Martin Eastwood said There are a number of brands that are offering budget protein products but most have a few things in common they lower their protein content whilst raising their carb content to bulk it out, also much higher levels of fat and lactose are used and they will typically use much more soya protein.

These sorts of products are made to price and thereís one thing for sure it will never come out of our factory. Instant whey Duo had to be a product that supported our ethics in terms of protein content, nutrition content, taste and price.

We at Maximum Sports Nutrition think Duo is going to be a great hit amongst its customers giving them a great product at the right price backed by a fantastic brand who are completely transparent. Never compromise what you put into your body itís the only one youíve got!

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