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Tips For Staying Motivated When Working Out

Different ways for you to stay motivated and enjoy exercising, so that you can accomplish your goals more quickly.

It is easy to talk about exercising or plan what you are going to do but actually sticking to an exercise plan for any period of time, is the hardest part. One of the main factors that cause people to give up on their exercise plans is a lack of motivation. People often wonder how to get motivated to exercise and there are certain things that you can do so that you actually enjoy working out and look forward to working out, rather than seeing it as being a chore.

Workout with friends

Most of the time when youíre with your friends, you probably have a good time and enjoy spending time with them. Why should this be any different when youíre working out? If you are going to sign up to a gym, then why not sign up with some friends who are also looking to start their own exercise plan. Gyms will often provide special offers and group discounts if you sign up with a group of your friends.

Even if you donít join a gym, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to workout with your friends elsewhere. Jogging is a great group activity and if you have you have your own home gym, then why not invite a few friends over to make your workouts fun.

Do what you enjoy doing or what you are interested in

When most people hear the word exercise, they imagine themselves doing a number of boring repetitive exercise routines. This doesnít have to be the case. There are plenty of ways for you to exercise without even realizing that you are even exercising! Most people donít connect dancing to exercising but dancing is actually a form of exercise. If you enjoy music or are interested in dance, then why not sign up to a dance class. If you enjoy swimming, then go to your local swimming club regularly.

Another great way for you to keep fit and have fun at the same time is to take part in some of the sports that you enjoy watching on TV. Most people are interested in at least a few sports, such as soccer, tennis, football, etc. Group sports are great because again, you can have a good time with your friends and before you know it, youíll be on your way to getting six pack abs in no time.

Mix things up

If you do the same thing day in and day out, then youíre bound to get bored and lose motivation very quickly. You should constantly be mixing things up. One day you could do cardiovascular exercises, which help in losing belly fat, while another day you could workout using weights to improve muscular strength. Studies have proven that you get the most benefits from your workouts when you constantly mix things up, because youíre not allowing your body to settle in its own comfort zone. So if you want to avoid boredom and get quicker results, then keep mixing things up.

Set realistic goals

When starting an exercise program, the worst thing you can do is set unrealistic goals for yourself because then, no matter what you do, youíre destined to fail, lose motivation and just give up. You canít expect to lose years of excess weight and get six pack abs in just one month. Instead, you should set short term goals that are actually possible to accomplish.

Aim to lose a realistic number of pounds in a month, or aim to increase the number of reps that you can currently do for a particular exercise by a realistic amount. You should always break large goals into smaller milestones, because this way, you can at least see the progress you are making, which will then keep you motivated.

Keep track of your progress and reward yourself every one in a while

Keeping track of your progress can be as simple as keeping a record of your best jogging times or the most weight you have lifted for a particular exercise or it can be a bit more involving such as a diary. You should definitely keep track of your progress because doing this will help to keep you motivated by allowing you to see how far you have come since starting out and how close you are to your next goal.

Sticking to an exercise plan is a great accomplishment (lots of people find it difficult); therefore, every once in a while you should reward yourself for this fact alone. You could eat that chocolate bar that youíve avoided eating for weeks or you could take one day off to just take easy.

There are many ways for you to keep yourself motivated when exercising. The key is to have fun, not take things to seriously and just enjoy working out. Once you get to this level, exercising will become a way of life and you wonít even have to worry about not being motivated anymore!

About the Author:
Scott Gray is currently a fitness enthusiast and freelance writer who enjoys providing fitness tips to consumers. He maintains a fitness web site where you can find tips for getting in shape, losing belly fat and getting 6 pack abs.

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